The Social Media Marketing Awards has over 60 categories in which you can enter.  You can enter as many categories as you like - each entry need to be lodged clearly marked with what category it is nominated for

i.e. If you are a bank want to nominate, you would need to enter "1h" under the category number on the nomination form. 


For the some of the award categories, we separate into In-house and Agency.  

In-house - Something that is done in-house is done within an organisation or business by its employees rather than by other people*

Agency - A business that represents one group of people when dealing with another group*

* Definitions from 

Entries are open in the following categories: 

Category 1: Industry Awards

We have 25 industry categories 

  • 1a. Architecture and Design
  • 1b. Automotive
  • 1c. Celebrity  
  • 1d. Education and Employment
  • 1e  Events and Concerts
  • 1f.  Family and Parenting
  • 1g. Fashion and Beauty
  • 1h. Financial Services/Banking
  • 1i.  Food and Beverage
  • 1j.  Government and Emergency Services
  • 1k. Health and Fitness
  • 1l.  Home and Décor
  • 1m. Hospitality
  • 1n. Movies and Film
  • 1o. Music
  • 1p. News and current Affairs
  • 1q.  Organisations - Charities and Non-Profit
  • 1r.  Pets and Animals 
  • 1s. Retail and eCommerce
  • 1t. Sports
  • 1u. Technology and Innovation
  • 1v. Television
  • 1w. Travel and Tourism 

Category 2: Best Use of Social Media Platforms

  • 2a. Facebook -  Agency
  • 2b. Facebook – In House
  • 2c. Twitter – Agency
  • 2d. Twitter – In House
  • 2e. Linked In – Agency
  • 2f. Linked In – In House
  • 2g. Instagram – Agency
  • 2h. Instagram – In House
  • 2i. You Tube – Agency
  • 2j. You Tube – In House
  • 2k. Snapchat – Agency
  • 2l. Snapchat – In House
  • 2m. Pinterest – Agency
  • 2n. Pinterest - In House 

Category 3:  Best Social Media Content 

  • 3a Best Infographic
  • 3b. Best Meme
  • 3c. Best Video
  • 3d. Best Motivational Video
  • 3e. Best Timeline Cover Image
  • 3f. Best Lead Magnet
  • 3g. Best Use of Live Video 

Category 4: Best Community Management

  • 4a. Best Customer Care
  • 4b. Best Community Engagement
  • 4c. Best Community Manager

Category 5: Best Social Tools

  •  5a. Best Social Tool 

Category 6: Best Social Listening Tool 

  • 6a. Best Social Listening Tool 

Category 7: Best Social Media Educator

  • 7a. Best Online Social Media Training 
  • 7b. Best Social Media Course  - Under 3 days
  • 7c. Best Social Media Course - Over 3 days 

Category 8: In House Marketing Team of the Year 

  • 8a. Small Business
  • 8b. Medium Business
  • 8c. Large Business 

Category 9: Agency of the Year 

  • 9a. Small Agency
  • 9b. Medium Agency
  • 9c. Large Agency 

Category 10:  Social Media Marketer of the Year

  • 10a. Social Media Marketer of the Year