2018 Top LinkedIn Experts for the Asia Pacific

Who are the top LInkedIn Experts in the Asia Pacific for 2018?  

This is a question we get asked all the time at the SMMI - Social Media Marketing Institute so we decided to undertake a study to discover who the best LinkedIn experts are.  


The Validation Scoring Matrix 

We set up a validation scoring matrix that measured 25 different criteria so we could evaluate the many aspects that would make up a well rounded LinkedIn expert.  

Some of these criteria included: 

  • Ranking on Page 1 on Google in Incognito search for terms like LinkedIn expert, LinkedIn training and LinkedIn workshops that included country, regional and city specific searches
  • Evaluation of their LinkedIn profile to ensure it complied with the User Agreement and include best practice  - ie they have a completed profile with contact details, branding and a well formatted summary 
  • Is it all about them or the problems that they solve for clients?
  • Do they specialise in LinkedIn training and have they been an expert for at least 3 years 
  • Do they have recent recommendations from clients and are there over 50 recommendations? 
  • Do they blog on their website regularly about LinkedIn content? 
  • Do they regularly post articles on LinkedIn? 
  • Do they post regularly on LinkedIn and get great engagement, especially on their last 10 posts including likes and comments? 
  • Do they post native video posts? 
  • Does their profile show they have spoken at either international or national conferences about LinkedIn? 
  • Have they published a book that is sold on Amazon about LinkedIn? 
  • Do have have an e-course about LinkedIn? 
  • Have they been nominated for or won a LinkedIn specific industry award? 
  • Are the a LinkedIn Local host? 

We collated all the points and we are pleased to announce the top 24 LinkedIn Marketers in the Asia Pacific.  

Some of our expert tied so they have been designated with an equal place. 


1) Jillian Bullock 

Sydney Australia 


2) Jo Saunders

Perth Australia 


3) Leanne Isaacson

Adelaide Australia 


4) Darrel Griffin 

Perth Australia 

5) Nathanial Bibby

Melbourne Australia 


5) Adam Houlahan

Robina Australia


5) Alex Pirouz

Melbourne Australia 


8) Megan Edwards 

Melbourne Australia 


9) Kylie Chown

Brisbane Australia


10) Chris J Reed 



10) Sue Ellson

Melbourne Australia


12) Anna McAfee

Coffs Harbour Australia 



13) Karen Tisdell

Sydney Australia 


13) Rana Saini

Brisbane Australia 


15) Mark Warncken

Sydney Australia


15) Bonnie Power 

Melbourne Australia


15) Andrew McWhirter 

Brisbane Australia


18) Karen Hollenbach

Melbourne Australia

19) Linda Le 



20) Julie Mason

Brisbane Australia  

21) Rob Lowe

Brisbane Australia


21) Kate Nankivell

Auckland New Zealand

23) Lucy Bingle  

Sydney Australia


24)  Harley Wilbern

Melbourne, Australia 


Do you think we have missed someone?  

Please let us know at mireille@smminstitute.com.au.  

Next year, we will be asking for nominations. 

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