5 Tips for Maximising Your Facebook Campaigns

About 1.45 billion people log into Facebook every day. Using Facebook advertising is a  fantastic way to increase your exposure, boost your traffic, get to know your audience, create loyal customers and generate leads and sales. If you’re not making the most of this platform, your business is likely to suffer.

Here are 5 tips for maximising your Facebook campaigns:

Define Your Customer

If you’re not using Facebook’s Audience Insights, you should be. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, this is one of the best tools you have at your disposal. Audience Insights allows you to learn about specific audiences before you start targeting them or using up your budget.

Audience Insights mines available Facebook data and shows you exactly who your target market is, based on those who have already liked your page. This tool will allow you to gain knowledge about exactly which users are likely to follow through with your ads, and this will save you time and money because you can focus on the quality of your ads rather than wasting resources on targeting.

Be a Spy 

If you want to beat your competition, you need to keep track of everything they’re doing. You can then create irresistible offers by analysing their ads and offering your customers a better deal. Many major brands - including McDonalds and other fast food joints - are famous for doing this. They spy on their competitors’ social media profiles, find their most popular offers, and then create something better. And you can do this too.

Please note, we’re not saying you should directly copy your competition; however, you can assess what they are doing right and wrong and use this to make your campaigns even better.

A/B Test Like Crazy 

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a way to compare 2 or more versions of your ads, and determine which versions perform better. A/B testing will allow you to figure out which headlines, copy, images, videos or call-to-actions are most effective for your target audience. Using the information that you gain from A/B testing, you can focus your budget on ads that work and stop wasting money.

Target the Right People

If your ads aren’t reaching the right people, you won’t get results. If you’re not sure how to get started with your targeting, check out Facebook Audience Insights. You should start out filtering by age, gender and location. Then, you can add interests to find detailed information about who your ideal audience is. You will be able to learn which pages they’ve liked, their household income, their purchases, their activity and more. For a relatively small campaign, your ideal audience will be about one million active people. Once you think you’ve found the right audience, save it for future use using Facebook Power Editor.

Encourage Interaction

The goal of your Facebook ads is to make conversions and boost organic reach - and in order to achieve this, you need to encourage your audience to interact with your post. This interaction can take the form of voting, tagging, reacting, sharing or commenting. Because leaving a comment requires more effort than simply clicking ‘like’ or ‘share’, comments are seen (by Facebook’s algorithm Edgerank) as having the more ‘value’. This means they are considered a ‘meaningful interaction’ and are more likely to have improved visibility and therefore to reach more people.

If your posts do get comments, don’t forget to respond back! People want to feel that your brand cares about them, and responding to comments quickly and genuinely is a great way to demonstrate this.

Want to increase your chances of engagement and interaction? Make sure that your ads encourage interaction by asking for comments, tags, likes or shares in exchange for some sort of benefit (like a discount or a free product/service). Also, make sure that you post your ads at the times your audience is most active!

We hope these tips will help you to get the most out of your Facebook campaigns and boost your online success. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Studio Culture. We’re an Australian digital marketing agency with one goal - to help our clients dominate digital. We provide digital marketing services including social media management,SEO, email marketing, retargeting and much more. Get in touch if you have any questions!

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David Bobis is the Head of Digital Marketing of Studio Culture.

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