Australia First International Test for New Facebook Feature


Facebook is testing a new feature called "Today In" and Australia is the first international test along with over 400 cities in the US.  Testing has starting on the Gold Coast, Bendigo, Ballarat, Canberra, Geelong, Hobart, Newcastle, Toowoomba and Townsville. 

Today In connects people to local news and information about their community. The goal of this feature is to connect local towns and cities to their local news and local alerts from government pages. 

The Today In feature aggregates local news and community information in a separate section within the Facebook app.  If you live is a city where the Today In feature is available, you can simply visit this section and you can also choose to turn on local updates to start seeing a collection of local news more regularly in your news feed.

Facebook is Also Testing Local Alerts from Government and First Responders Pages 

In addition to Today In, Facebook is also running a test with over 100 local government and first responder pages to help them communicate time-sensitive and need to know information to people on Facebook. This would include information about natural disasters like bush fires, major road closures or blackouts. 

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