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As social media is evolving, it's rapidly growing to become a leading platform for marketing and advertising. In conjunction with this, consumers are more readily using social media for customer service, to ask questions, when they want complaints answered and publicise their satisfaction with a brand. The concept of customer service through multi-channel support can pose difficulties for both B2B and B2C companies of any scale. Having staff with the time and skill-set to perform this valuable role - which can increase sales and grow customer loyalty - is often difficult to procure. As customer service expectations continue to rise, consumers expect you to deliver a seamless, multi-channel support network both within your business and through online channels. To assist you in achieving this goal we’ve provided some of the industry best practices for ensuring great customer service through social media.

Find out which social media platforms your customers populate

A major challenge that arises with offering superior customer service through social media is pinpointing where to allocate both time and your company resources. Although you can use online marketing channels to direct consumers to specific social media sites, companies must find the platforms that their customers already populate. While a majority of companies target most of their social care on Facebook and Twitter, it's crucial for brands to do their research and determine if their customers are on other platforms such as Instagram or LinkedIn.

A simple way to find your social media customers is to visit the leading social platforms and search to see if your brand has been mentioned. It is important to get involved with online discussions involving your brand. If your brand is not being included in social media broadcast, try to become involved with industry-related conversations and grow your authority. The best way to be accepted in social discussions is to offer something that's relevant and of value to the audience you're targeting. By being involved in social media conversations you will have more opportunities to convert customers and build customer loyalty.

Be open to what your customers are saying

It's not only important to be aware of social media conversations about your brand, it's also crucial to listen to what customers are saying and respond to this accordingly. If there are any issues that customers are discussing on social media, look into these and show your online audience you are trying to resolve their concerns. By collecting and categorising customer service related consumer queries over a short period of time (whether a week or a month), it's much easier to identify the staffing and company resources required to manage your brand's social care. Identify how many comments were published out of frustration after a bad customer service experience, as well as the number of technical or account queries, amount of feedback both positive and negative and the brand mentions that would improve customer service with a response. Once you've analysed all of this information, you can then provide the necessary support network.

Analyse and manage your social media customers

It's essential to monitor your social media contacts to determine which are your priority contacts and those that require the quickest response. Constantly assess your social media platforms and make sure you have the adequate resources and staffing to support the growth of your social media audience. By following our best practice tips, you will ensure your social media customers receive superior social care.

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Rony Chiha - Managing Director and Founder, Adcreators

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