Facebook Discontinuing Explore Feed

I think there was a collective cheer from owners of Pages when Facebook announced that they were discontinuing the concept of 2 separate feeds - The News Feed and the Explore Feed. 

Facebook had been trialling a second feed called the Explore Feed.  This was in response to people who said they wanted to see more from family and friends and less from Pages.

The purpose of the Explore Feed was to give people a new feed of content to discover Pages and public figures they hadn't previously followed.  

However, would people surf through 2 feeds? I know a lot of people found it hard enough to look through one. This would also make it even harder for Pages to be visible to their potential audience. 

Facebook started testing the concept of 2 News Feeds in 6 countries in October 2017.  

Facebook surveyed people in these countries and they found that people were less satisfied with the posts that they were seeing and that having 2 feeds didn't actually help them connect with family and friends more. 

The people have spoken - they did not want two separate feeds. 

Facebook listened and will stay with the one News feed. They are also discontinuing the Explore Feed bookmark globally this week.  


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