Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Go Down - Are You Impacted?

Is your Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp working today? There have been outages around the world impacting the different platforms in different locations.

Here at the Social Media Marketing Institute in Australia, we cannot log in to Facebook on the desktop but it seems ok on mobile. Instagram and WhatsApp are also working on mobile.

Facebook and Instagram have taken to Twitter to show they are aware of the situation and are working on it. 

Over at Instagram, it is the same 

Maps from Downdetector.com shows the impact of the outage for Facebook, Instagram and WhatApp around the world. 


Facebook outages have impacted North and South America, parts of Europe, Japan, Phillipines and Australia.  

Instagram outages appears to be mainly in North and South America, Japan and Australia. 


The WhatsApp issues seems to be mainly around North and South America. 

Are you having issues with either Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp?

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