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Facebook is taking the next step to build social interactive video experiences by rolling out Watch Party to Pages and people on Facebook. 

We have already seen the Watch Party was launched to all Facebook groups earlier in the year, and since that launch, their has been 12 million Watch Parties.  Statistics also show that Watch Parties get 8 times as many comments than non-live videos which is great to increase engagement.  As time has progressed, Watch Parties in groups has grown 7 times since July. 

Creators and publishers of Facebook Pages have wanted to also have this feature to enable them to reach and engage a broader audience. 

An Example of a Successful Watch Party 


Facebook has been testing Watch Parties with a selected number of partners. 

Buzzfeed has been hosting watch parties to build anticipation of the new season of Buzzfeed's original series Worth It.  The Page has hosted Watch Parties featuring favourite episodes from previous seasons for fans to binge watch together. 

Watch Party New Features 


As part of this new launch, Facebook are also adding new features based on Feedback they have received from partners. 

This includes: 

  • The Ability for Pages and Groups to schedule a Watch Party helping to get more people to participate and also help people discover Watch Parties. 
  • Threaded comments have been added to allow to interact and have conversations within a Watch Party
  • Live Commentating - which lets a host go Live within a Watch Party to share commentary as video play.  

When will this be launched to everyone? 

This is available globally from today. 

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