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How well do you really know your LinkedIn connections? How about Facebook? Well enough to know with certainty that they reflect the values of your brand? Well enough to know if you need extra hands and brains in a course delivery outside of your home state that they could support you? Well enough to know with certainty that they have the complimentary skills and experiences?
Now do you know these things about your connections because you spend every waking second networking? Or do you know these things because your network constantly stay top of mind sharing the stories on social media of what they've done that week?
We have 365 days a year, many of us have more than that in our circles, so realistically none of us have enough bandwidth to catch up with every single person.
I've had an insanely busy year. I get exhausted looking at my own social media. Now more than ever I look for multi-impact and high-impact moments, like right now I'm eating breakfast and dictating this post between bites, or I might be listening to an audiobook on #business or #money or #humanbehaviour while I'm doing dishes.
#SocialMedia allows me to do the same but only if YOU share something, only if YOU give me that 20 second downloadable snapshot of what's going on with you. YOU have the opportunity to not just tell me what you're up to, you have the opportunity to tell your entire network.
We tell this annoying romantic story that times were better before the Internet, that people knew each other, I would argue the opposite, I know more people now than I EVER would have known, I know more people in a pre-Internet world I never would have spoken to, I know more people that in a pre-Social world I would never would have been able to connect to due to social economic limitations when I grow up I was poor and homeless and the world before the internet I would have remained poor and homeless I would never have been able to talk to the people that I talk to you now I would never be offered the opportunity I'm offered we're it not for the 20 second snapshots I might share my social media, it's evidence building and don't misunderstand me I love having a cup of coffee with the people that I've grown to respect and love in my network genuinely, most know that if I make time for them they're important to and usually for no other reason than I just love and adore them. 
Time is the only commodity that's not renewable, in a world that is structured around time, we have 365 days each year by society standards we are forced to pick between the amazing people in our world who gets our time this week. Make it easier on the rest of us and give us the snapshots of the important moments. Add Value. Not Noise.
Ming JohansonMing Johanson specialises in chatbots, technology and time management for social media. To connect with Ming further you can find her at:

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