Leveraging Organic and Paid Social Strategies within the Travel Industry

Having worked in the social media landscape for 5 years, I love combining data-driven strategies with creative flair to drive performance results.

At Wotif, social plays a vital role in developing our brand personality – adding unique layers that you can’t get on any other channel. When we wanted to develop our brand tagline “Wotif, it’s Aussie for travel” in a meaningful and humorous way for Aussies, we decided to harness the power of social to build an engaging story.


When building a new social campaign, my team always uses data to assess what has done well in the past and what is trending online. We’ll also review what has bombed in the past and analyse the performance to understand why. 

It’s very important to keep up to date with industry news too, making sure we’re across any algorithm changes (or as much as you can be!).

When it comes to social strategies, taking an agile approach is key to performance. By first understanding the channel and the goal of each piece of content, we’re able to prepare the most relevant strategy.

We’ve found that interactive content has been the best performing content across channels like Instagram stories. When it comes to in-feed content on platforms like Facebook, we still find that memes receive the highest amount of engagement.


As a data-driven team, we utilise Social Bakers to analyse the performance of our content. By using this tool, we can measure the performance of engagement, as well as other key metrics like YoY growth. 

For paid campaigns, we prioritise holistic reporting, looking at business impact from a sales and traffic level alongside our social metrics. Where we can, we’ll do a brand health study too. 

If you’re a brand looking to create a more strategic social strategy, a few recommendations I’d have include:

  • Test and learn, but make sure you’re testing the right things!
  • Use organic and paid hand in hand. You need to build up your credibility as a brand on social before paying to reach every man and his dog. 

    The more familiar people are with your brand’s social presence, the more likely they’ll engage with your content, which means the cheaper it will be
  • Don’t spread yourself too thin! It’s easy to be on every social channel and pedalling so fast you can’t even stop to think. At Wotif, we do fewer channels and do them well – quality over quantity!

As social media is an industry that’s constantly evolving, it’s more important than ever for brands to remain on the edge of industry trends.

If you have any additional recommendations across your own social strategy, let me know in the comments below!



Author Bio: 

 Adele has been in the industry for over seven years, working in marketing at the QUT Business School, managing global social accounts at ACCA in London and now at Expedia, co-leading the day-to-day social happenings for two of Australia’s favourite online travel brands.

She has specialised in social media for the majority of her career, and is particularly passionate about the connection between paid and organic social. Working across two brands, she knows the heavy lifting that goes on down in the trenches of social media, and is involved in the high level strategy that’s required to pull off a successful campaign.

 *This article originally appeared in ClickThrough marketing.  Republished wth permission 

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