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Just the other day, I decided to poll my fellow small business owners in Rose Bay, Sydney with the following questions:

Do you currently use live streaming as part of your social media strategy?

A shocking 94% said No!

Since 2016, Facebook Live has dominated the live streaming landscape, however most social media platforms offer a live streaming service.

I believe that small business owners who aren’t live streaming are missing an enormous opportunity to attract more customers through their doors and increase sales.

I began my live streaming journey in 2015 when the live streaming app Periscope was launched. I talked about my business, I showcase my products and my store, I did behind the scenes and in a short space of time, built a large worldwide following. Many of the people who watched and engaged with me online have gone on to become my customers too.

The fact of the matter is that live streaming is cheap, easy and effective. More importantly it is a very powerful means of communicating with your audience, engaging with your customers. Your smartphone is effectively a broadcasting station and has the potential to reach thousands of new customers.

So why aren’t more small business owners live-streaming? I asked this question in my survey too.

The most common answers were lack of confidence, not knowing what to talk about and the fear of getting it wrong!

So here are my 3 top tips to get small business owners live streaming:

1. You will get it wrong and will probably fluff up your first livestream, but don’t let that deter you. Confidence grows with practice

2. To get started, just introduce yourself and your business, show us behind the scenes, tell us the story behind your business

3. Be consistent, try to go live at the same time once, twice or even three times a week.


Like all branding and marketing efforts, live streaming should be all about creating an emotional bond with the potential customer. Keeping it raw and real.

Understanding the benefits of live-streaming can help you develop the appropriate strategy to utilise this tool to boost your prospects and convert them into long term customers, and followers.

So just push the Go live button someone will watch you, someone will listen, we all start with zero followers zero hearts and zero likes but remember you have a story and everyone wants to hear it.


John Kapos

 John Kapos specialises in snapchat, video marketing and small business.

 To connect with John please head over to his LinkedIn page.

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