Nathanial Bibby - Winner of Best Use of LinkedIn at the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards

Nathanial Bibby was the winner of the Best Use of LinkedIn category at the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards. 

Below is what Nathanial had to say about his win: 

"Its' really hard to get to where I am today and to be acknowledged by people in the industry.

Knowing the panel of the judges is, is truly a privilege. I feel really wrapped in the moment. It just nice milestone I guess and mark where and how much we've accomplished so far and, and you know, knowing that it's specifically for LinkedIn, which is where we specialise is, is really fantastic as well.

I mean some of the challenges that we've had to face is as LinkedIn's evolved as a platform, but they didn't have articles before, didn't have video before. We've had to adapt. And you know, along the way if some people who were really good at LinkedIn back in the day when they released video all of a sudden and they weren't getting the same traction. So being able to think on your feet and to be able to adapt and learn different skill sets to be able to master the platform has certainly been a challenge.

But it's also been a massive opportunity, which is the reason I'm holding this today. It's just all about the customer. It's all about adding value. I think the biggest mistake a lot of social media marketers make is they're all in their own head. They think about what's gonna make me look good? What's gonna make me look smart?

At the end of the day, if you're adding value to the consumer and the person who's receiving the content, you're going to get the result." 

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