New Tools for Group Admins and Members

Facebook has added some new tools for Facebook Group admins that will make it a little easier to connect and engage with your tribe.  

Facebook has added these 4 new features: 

Tools for Admins - Group insights, member requests and more in one place which makes everything so much easy to find and manage.  

Customising your Group look - Group admins can add a personalised colour throughout their group

Group rules - until now, you needed to add your Group rules in your description.  Now admins can create a dedicated rules section to ensure all the members know how to play in your group. I think this is a great idea. Makes it a lot cleaner. 

Group announcements - As a group admin, I love this feature.  Admins are now able to post up to 10 announcements that appear at the top of the group to allow admins to share updates.  Love, love, love! 

What do you think of these new tools?  Share your thoughts below

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