Social Listening and Big Data - How The Audience Created the Product

We recently turned up the oven heat by collaborating with one of our clients who is a worldwide fried pastry company. In working side-by-side with their amazing client success manager, they finely tuned their social media listening to track exactly how their consumers scarf down each cream-filled goodie. 

In order to examine the baking and pastry world, together they created an Industry Monitor that tracks, discovers and measures the social conversation surrounding their sweet-treat industry. Keywords, ingredients, giveaways and favorites all appear giving a clear picture into the trending topics of conversation. 

Their industry monitor uncovered a treasure trove of goodness. One of the top trending hashtags was #DoughnutSushi and upon further investigating, they discovered that their customers were taking their pastries, adding ice cream, decoration and toppings and creating what they termed as Doughnut Sushi. 


With this key, data-driven insight, they decided to mix in their own twist on the conversation by sprinkling their marketing strategy with specific doughnut sushi blog posts, articles, and other social content. Because of this successful industry monitor, they were able to join the conversation of what their audience was already talking about and their campaign was a huge success! 


With NUVI’s social monitoring ingredients, this pastry company baked the right amount of sugar and spice into their own social media strategy. Whether it’s doughnut sushi, the beloved cronut, or the ingenious pie on a stick, #NUVIknows when the next bonbon break through will be served.

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