Social Media Expert Series - Nick Myers

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the Founder & Creative Director of RedFox Creative In Madison, WI and specialise in helping brands connect with people through emerging technology. I have a passion for all things social media, and love sharing my tech expertise with others to help them learn how new technology is going to impact their lives.


What area of Social Media do you specialise in?

I would say that I am a Social Media Marketer at heart. I specialise in both content creation and brand strategy. I love diving into metrics and audience data to try and figure out how I can develop content that truly resonates with my audience. I also love creating content helping tell stories about people and brands through photos and videos.


Why do you love Social Media?

I love social media because for the first time every everyone around the world has the opportunity to connect with whomever they want. Social media has allowed a free flow of information and ideas which before were confined to a very small space. If there was ever a time to embrace free speech that time is now using the power of the internet and social media.


What is your favourite Social Media platform?

I would say that my favourite social media platform is 100% LinkedIn. LinkedIn got a slow start out of the hole, but now is booming with content and people sharing ideas in a professional yet fun setting. I cannot even begin to express how becoming active on LinkedIn has changed my life. LinkedIn is also the most authentic platform and the community that exists is all about helping others instead of tearing others down.


To learn more about Nick you can check him out at:

Website - 

LinkedIn - nick-myers

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