Social Media Experts Series - Mark Butler


Tell us briefly about yourself 

I believe in marketing first, digital second, and I'm passionate about how digital and social platforms can connect with an audience. I've been implementing social media strategies in B2B environments for over 10 years. 

What area of social media do you specialise in? 

I've been working in B2B environments where the biggest need is to demonstrate thought leadership and raise the profile of business executives and sales people. Coaching and enabling them as well as integrating their authenticity and profile within the marketing plan.

Why do you love social media?  

Social media truly comes into its own in a B2B environment and becomes a genuine influence platform.

What is your favourite social media platform? 

For a B2B marketer it has to be LinkedIn, but I think Instagram and YouTube have been terribly underrated in my industry.

What is your tip for social media in 2018?

LinkedIn have made some significant changes to its platform lately and I think we'll see a boom in active LinkedIn users as well as key industry influencers becoming regular contributors there.

Mark is the Digital Marketing Manager for Motorola Solutions 




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