Social Media Experts Series - Nadia Vanek


Tell us a bit about yourself? 

At the core I am a story teller, creative and entrepreneur. 

My career to this date reflects this. I have been a teacher, facilitating applied theatre artist, commercial makeup artist and entertainer, broadcast journalist and digital  content marketer. 

I enjoy variety and like to try new things that extend and scare me! Over the last 10 years I sang and toured internationally with a heavy metal band, taught dance in a remote mining location in West Papua, wrote a body painting themed cabaret show for the Brisbane Festival at the Powerhouse, hosted my own entertainment segment on radio, became a recognised commercial body paint artist, began a new career in digital marketing and for the first time built a brand and online community from zero. 
I enjoy collaboration, big ideas and science fiction movies!
I am looking forward to the new journeys’ that await me!

What area of Social Media do you specialise in?

Social media platform management and content creation, written blogs and VLOG casts. 

Why do you love Social Media?

I have a deep passion for education and am deeply curious about the comings and goings in this world. Social Media is such a multi faceted education tool and it allows all types of learners (whether you are visual, enjoy the written word or learn via interacting and participating)  to engage in any type of education they so choose!

What is your favourite Social Media platform?

My favourite social media platform is Facebook…mostly because I find that I have the most engagement on this platform and I love collaborating on groups and being able to schedule my live broadcasts!

 Knowing what you know now, what piece of advice would you give to someone getting started in social media?

 It’s better to start small and consistent than try and doing everything for the first time at once! 

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