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Today we meet Kirsty O'Callaghan, who is the owner of Kirsty O'Callaghan Consulting and was a finalist for Best Student Social Media Campaign at the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards.
Kirsty is the owner of Kirsty O'Callaghan Consulting and was a finalist for Best Student Social Media Campaign at the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards.
How did you get started in social media?
Most business owners of the 2000s experienced the dramatic shift from paper and face to face marketing to venturing into connecting and reaching their audience digitally. For me, learning about and using online marketing effectively in these early days was informed by seminars through networking groups and other business owners in my community.
Subsequently, I went on to establish an active online presence for my own business, became an Ambassador of Women’s Network Australia in 2011, an organisation leading the charge through online activities to connect with women Australia wide, and set up and managed the local Lions Club Facebook page in 2014. In part, due to the online reach and results during these ‘early days’, I was honoured to receive awards for:
Queensland Resources & W.I.M.A.R.Q. Gender diversity champion 2017,
Brisbane Women in Business Awardee of Merit for community dedication 2016,
S.I.M.N.I. International Women’s Day Small Businesswoman of the Year 2016, and
Lions Clubs International D.G’s Excellence in Service Award for outstanding community service 2015.
What do you love most about social media?
My ‘happy place’ is connecting with others and building relationships and communities. Therefore, combined with face to face opportunities, social media provides a dynamic platform for me to expand what I already love doing.
Who is your biggest influence?
In the area of social media and communication, my top two are:
· Lynette Palmer AM - founder of Womens Network Australia.
· Dr Karen Sutherland - one of my lecturers and mentors while completing my communications degree.
Why did you become a member of SMMI?
I met Mireille when she was a guest at one of our Sunshine Coast University lectures in May 2018. Her passion, professionalism, knowledge and advocacy of social media professionals was infectious, and I knew I wanted to be a part of SMMI. Last year, my friend and I entered the SMMI awards and were awarded runners up for the best student campaign category. Being in the room that night was brilliant, and the leadership of Mireille and her team inspired us all to put our best foot forward in a fast-paced digital world.
How would your friends describe you?
When I asked a few friends, they said: honest, funny, full of integrity, kind, generous, organised, creative, caring, straight forward, empowering of women and those with problems, hard worker and supportive.
I think I have great friends!
What do you think is a trend in social media in 2020?
Each platform and audience are unique; and platforms will change, and new ones will become popular. However, I think three things are at the forefront of breaking through the online clutter in 2020:
1. As the majority of our social and professional activities continue to move online, we need to concentrate on strategically improving the online customer experience, relative to the platform which is used and the audience targeted; subsequently, creating a connection that inspires our community to tell others how great that experience was;
2. Also, I believe there will continue to be a shift from a focus on vanity metrics to conversion metrics. For example, instead of how many likes are received, we will cheer louder for actions that are taken by our audience, which are inspired by well written, appealing and timely value add and promotional posts.
3. Further, more businesses will expand their content to include more openness, personality, honesty, and humour through their online strategies and storytelling techniques. As a result, meaningful interactions will grow, and through groups and online communities, a loyal, long-term following will develop.

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