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Nic is the founder of Bespoke Media Management. 
Nic was a finalist last year for Best Emerging Social Media Marketer of the Year.
1) How did you get started in social media?
I fell into it. I moved from Newcastle to Sydney's east about 7 years ago and didn't have any network, clients or a database so I had to create one pretty fast. Then after a year of smashing socials I caught my break and listed a property in Sydney west (two hours away from my office) through facebook and sold it through Facebook. That hit the media in a big way because I was agent to list and sell only using social media marketing. One it hit the papers and the TV stations did their interviews I was off. Social marketing became my niche and was a way I could stand apart from the rest.
2) What do you love most about social media?
In my industry, real estate, it puts everyone on an equal playing field. Whether you are starting your first day in the industry or are the #1 agent in Australia, social media marketing doesn't discriminate. There's no increase in price because of what portal you use or in particular what suburb you are. It's fair.
3) Who is your biggest influence?
Gary Vee - WITHOUT A DOUBT. Raw, unapologetic and engages me still over a year later. No other coach or speaker has been able to do that. I love his approach and it works for my personality.
4) Why did you become a member of SMMI?
I'd done well in my own career for 15 years and really well on social media but I was known as Nic - the real estate agent. I couldn't break the label. People saw me as that only. Being a member has allowed me to actually prove what I can do and get credibility. It's also given me a network and a support team that I never had. This can be a lonely and overwhelming space going it alone so that's been the biggest takeaway for me. The cream is some of the legends I've met in the network. I really wasn't expecting to form the kind of friendships I have.
5) How would your friends describe you?
It's funny this actually came up last weekend and one of mates said I was like water. Cool and fun at times. Annoying when around to much but you can't live without it everyday but the nicest part was probably when he said "in his private life he's the guy that's always checking in with his mates and nurturing his relationships. In his professional life, he's the tsunami that hits and everyone knows about it because you see and hear about it EVERYWHERE.
6) What do you think is a trend in social media in 2020?
I think people are tired of "being sold to" or "trying to sell" or "trying to break through on social". It's such a crowded space now and I think everyone is looking for the next trend that they are forgetting about being present and relevant today. I think we will see social marketing stripping back to what the customer wants and not what is going to make them popular online.
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