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How did you get started in social media?
Back in 2011, I worked at a DJ Agency as a Social Media Manager of 12 Facebook Pages. I worked here while at University, studying a Bachelor of Business. In my final year of University, in 2012, I launched my Social Media Marketing Agency, Missing Link Social Media.
What do you love most about social media?
I love that we can add tremendous value to our clients by reaching potential customers throughout their whole customer journey. Combining this with a comprehensive range of campaign objectives, audience targeting, ads, we’re able to tailor the experience like no other channel ever has. Social media also allows us to connect with potential customers and build relationships which build relationships like no other channel has. The technological advances keep us on our toes and are always exciting to implement. What’s not to love about social media?
Who is your biggest influence?
I’d have to say two people, Jon Loomer for paid advertising and Gary Vaynerchuk for content and brand.
Why did you become a member of SMMI?
I became a member of SMMI because I was entering the 2019 SMMA and also wanted to get involved with an industry community.
How would your friends describe you?
My friends would describe me as a dedicated business owner, father, friend and husband with a strong work ethic.
What do you think is a trend in social media in 2020?
I see a trend of content moving more towards relationships and humanising brands, rather than educational content.

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