Stop Selling on Social Media: Start Educating, Entertaining, Engaging and Inspiring

What Makes Content Valuable?

Content is considered valuable if it adds something positive to anyone’s life. 

For instance, your social media content could make your audience smile or help them learn something new. On the other hand, your content may leave people feeling inspired. 

You can achieve all these benefits by pivoting away from a ‘sell-first’ mantra to a ‘serve-first’ mantra. The content you create should educate, engage, entertain and inspire people. 

Here’s how to create content that helps you reach these goals. 

One - Educate 

Educating your social media followers is the best way to share your knowledge. 

To do this you need to identify the common questions your customers might have and provide the answers to those unique pain points. You need to consider the type of information that you can share that will provide value for the potential customers in your market. What information can you freely give to your potential customers that they might not be aware of already?

Educational content should peel back the curtain and gift your audience industry secrets or ideas. It’s not enough to hoard your secrets and expect sales. In 2019 and beyond you have to give to receive. So share your tips and tricks openly to build trust with your audience.

According to Alexander Porter, social media marketing manager at Search It Local, you can use free tools to find out what people want to know. He explains “don’t create content blindly. Instead use Tools like Google Trends and Answer The Public to see what people are searching for and asking in real time. By creating content around current needs, you’ll increase the chances that your content educates in the way it should.”

Two - Engage

The main goal of engagement is simple - just start a conversation. 

You could start by sharing a video or photo that allows people to share their own experiences, ideas or thoughts. 

This has become an increasingly important goal with Facebook’s algorithm change in mid-2018 moving the focus to content that creates meaningful interactions. And the simplest way to create a meaningful interaction is to genuinely care.

Ask for your audience's opinion, feedback and stories. And show that you are more than a faceless brand, but a business with a human side.

Three - Entertain 

Social media is a forum where your audience goes to be entertained.

To tap into this valuable trait you need to show your customers that you understand them and can create content for them. 

Don’t feel like you have to create original content though. You can curate content to share trending topics, images and videos. Though these should be framed to have some relevance to your brand.

Four - Inspire

Inspiration is the most challenging emotion to instill. But the most valuable. 

Your goal is to make videos that inspire people and make them feel something. They should feel inspired to take action. Whether this is sharing your video or wanting your product.

This is a tactic used by many of the world’s biggest companies, with Dove’s #NoLikesNeeded campaign a perfect example.

Looking to evolve your social media marketing strategy? Check out the 5 steps to a winning social strategy here.

3 Content ideas to drive engagement

Wondering how to entertain, educate, engage and inspire your audience? Here’s what you can use to move away from selling and start serving.

#1 Create Tutorials 

Tutorials are a powerful format for educating people. Look to demonstrate a product or teach your viewers how to do something that will improve their lives. 

You can post these tutorials on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram for an omni-channel approach that will leverage value well beyond one channel.

#2 Create Lists 

You’re seeing the benefit of creating lists right now!

Lists are a fun way to educate, entertain, inspire and engage your social media audience. 

This is a powerful strategy for social content as it can keep your viewers hooked. In an age where the majority of digital content is consumed by scanners, finding ways to break up your content can help you connect with your audience.

This of creating quick and punchy lists - whether video or static image - that will stand out on social media.

#3 - Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes content helps you to show off your personality and engage with potential customers. 

This is a chance for you to share all the passion and hard work that goes into doing what you love. 

Nothing makes a brand seem more relatable then pulling back the curtain and revealing all the little things that go towards a product or service.

Bonus Tip 

Use your existing audience to create content for you. According to recent data, 50% of consumers said that user generated content (UGC) would increase their chances of buying a product through social media.

So use your audience to leverage a new one!

Are you ready to connect with your audience?

It’s fair to say that most marketers and business owners have realised the value of an active social media presence.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve learned to use it effectively.

Engaging with your followers is a great way to build your brand, nurture prospects, expand your reach and drive meaningful business outcomes.

And you don’t reach those goals by hammering your products and services down people’s throats.

Start listening to your audience, provide value without expecting anything in return, and provide entertainment that humanise your brand.

The results will speak for themselves.

Do you have any social media tactics that help you entertain, engage or inspire?

Let us know in the comments!

Author Bio:

Alexander Porter is a Social Media Marketing Manager at Search It Local, Sydney’s boutique agency with bold visions.

Alexander is passionate about helping businesses to master their own marketing, and believes the secret to success isn’t selling, but serving.

When not writing about social media, SEO or content marketing, Alexander is trying as hard as possible to escape using the 3rd person.



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