Why You Should Invest In Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing is the art of engaging with people who are influential online to share brand messages with their audiences in the form of sponsored content. All over the world, this strategy has been used as a powerful engagement tool and sales conversion.

Many companies have used celebrities and digital influencer to advertise their products and service. These famous people have a legion of followers and fans who consequently follow what they say or do.

If a prospective buyer does a search on the internet, sees the opinions from other consumers; checks the brand's reputation; knows if the product is high quality; pros, cons; where to buy; will be more confident to make a purchase decision. In fact, when it comes to online shopping, many people check blogs reviews. According to some surveys, blogs ranked third in internet sales influencers (31%), loosing only to shopping websites which came in second (56%) and websites from the brands itself (36%). 

To get a sense of how important influence marketing is today, 65% of brands already use influence marketing strategies and 52% of companies have exclusive funding for social media actions focused on that industry (Source: The Shelf ).

You can choose your influencers through detailed assessments. The idea is to always analyse the relevance that these specialists have in the segment, the quality of the content, the style of creation, among other aspects.

What Are The Ways You Can Use Influencer Marketing

Once you have done your homework, influencer marketing can be the solution for each type of brand demands and needs such as:

* Brand Awareness: when a brand or product is marketed to different types of audience;

* Education: often the use of a specific product can be a little complicated, but nothing that videos and tutorials explaining how it works does not solve this problem; 

* SEO Authority: when popular websites link to the brand website, helping to boost them in online searches;

* Cases and Stories: showing the product being used, helping potential consumers to realize its usefulness, often generating conversion into sales;

* Social Followers: influencers can distribute gifts, giveaways or even content about the product;

* Damage Control: when a brand has a bad reputation on the market, an influencer is the solution to reverse this situation with consumers;

* Sales: customer opinions can increase sales. So the more customers the brand acquires, the more influencers it has;

* Trust: consumer content is much more credible to potential consumers;

* Fans: brand reach can increase even more when your fans post pictures and content about them using the product / service.

Of course, the fascination of celebrities like artists, singers and footballers is far from being threatened, but for many, investing in specific influencers is much more efficient as well as cheaper. In addition, the realism and authenticity of customer stories are still a powerful tool.

About the Author: 

 Cassia Cruz is a Senior Marketing Coordinator at Feros Care specialised in social media marketing, events management and developing & implementing marketing plans. She is a passionate marketing professional with more than 6 years of experience across a variety of industries including non-for-profit, professional services, education, Agencies and entertainment

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