Business Membership

As a Social Media Marketing professional, a SMMI Business Membership demonstrates your business or organisation's commitment to excellence in Social Media Marketing and the continued professional development of your team. 

Being a Business Member of the Social Media Marketing Institute gives you: 

  • Access to our Social Media Marketers Hub member portal which includes videos, webinars and an industry group where you can ask questions 
  • Free entry for the Social Media Marketing Awards 
  • Member rates for Conferences, workshops and trainings run by SMMI
  • Have a unique Profile page on the Social Media Marketing Business Directory 
  • Additional credibility for clients that your business or organisation meets high standards
  • Opportunity to network with other industry leaders
  • Be connected with interns or others members looking for work. 
  • Receive the latest Industry News and Updates 
  • Receive the quarterly Social Tribe magazine 
  • Can use the post-nominal BSMMI on their business social media profiles, website, marketing materials and business cards. 

Access the Social Media Marketers HUB 

All Business, Professional and Emerging Members get access to the Social Media Marketers Hub. It is a place where you can access: 

  • Online Training 

We offer monthly webinars where we talk about the latest in social media marketing with industry experts. We cover topics such as social media trends, new tools, how to acquire new clients, scaling your business, HR requirements, and SMMI member stories to show how different people are succeeding in social media marketing 

  • Industry Forums

A place where you can ask other members for advice, help others by sharing your advice,  as well as connecting with each other.  



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