Continuing Education Program

The thing we love the most at the Social Media Marketing Institute is providing education and training. 

The Social Media Industry moves at a fast pace and those who do not continually educate themselves, will be left behind. 

Our Institute Memberships include Continuing Education Program as a way to highlight how our members are up to date with the latest developments in social media. 

We partner with Universities, RTO's and private providers to ensure all our members are at the cutting edge of social media marketing. 

The SMMI also runs Crisis Management Workshops, Social Media Crisis Simulation Workshops. 

Education Partners

Through our Continuing Education Program,  the SMM Institute forms relationships with education providers who offer the most up-to-date training in social media.

In order to become an approved education provider, an application must be filled in and the course needs to evaluated to ensure they meet the requirements to be SMMI Approved. 

To find out more about how your course can be seen as a leader in the Social Media Marketing industry,  please email