Intern Connect

Intern Connect

Welcome to our Intern Connect Program.  

Our goal is to help social media students to be able to gain valuable real world experience in the social media industry.  

We believe that on the job work experience is critical in helping students develop the skills necessary to take the step into their social media career. 

We connect university and TAFE students with corporates and social media agencies who are wanting to help mentor students. 

What is an Internship?

An internship is where a student undergoes supervised practical training to give them work experience in their chosen industry. 

The focus is on helping the student to transition from studying into the work force. 

The purpose of an internship is to give the student work experience.  As it mentions on the website, "if the person is doing work to help with the ordinary operation of the business or organisation it may be an employment relationship.  The more productive work that’s involved (rather than just observation, learning, training or skill development), the more likely it is that the person’s an employee"