About Us


The Social Media Marketing Institute is a membership, education and professional development organisation for the Social Media Industry.  

We support social media marketers throughout their career, by providing mentorship, training, conferences, awards, education, advisory and support. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, elevate and engage our members,  to help them achieve their career goals and in turn, enhance the social media marketing industry. 

Our Objectives 

  • To be recognised as the leader in the social media marketing industry
  • Recognise those who excel in the social media marketing industry
  • Build a strong professional network through the member portal, events and seminars
  • Educate the next generation of social media marketers and ensuring skills and knowledge are constantly developed through continuous professional development
  • Source and develop products and services that benefit total service to members with Corporate Partners and Education Providers and Brand Divisions
  • To take full advantage of national and international opportunities.
  • To develop relationships with government and policy makers

Our Values

Wowing our Members – We are dedicated to serving our members and going above and beyond their expectations.  We continuously seek to better understand their needs and offer solutions that deliver value and create long-term relationships

Passion – We are passionate about what we do and work with commitment and enthusiasm. We are passionate about our brand, products and people.

Lead By Example – We take our own advice, take responsibility for our actions and give others an example to follow.  We inspire through encouragement and enthusiasm.

Persistence – We will be consistent and are determined to achieve our goals.  We are always looking to improve what we do.  Excellence is our goal.

Results Driven – We believe in our ability to change people’s lives and that is the primary mission of our business.

Honesty and Integrity – We will always do what is right, not what is easy.  We say what we mean and match our behaviours to our words.  We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, dignity and respect for all.

About Us 

CEO, Mireille Ryan 


Mireille is the CEO of the Social Media Marketing Institute, Founder of the Social Media Marketing Awards and an award winning entrepreneur, and speaker. In 2010, Mireille was named Australian Exercise Professional of the Year and her business was named 2011 QLD Personal Training Business of the Year. Mireille’s success led her to be featured on radio and in over 20 magazines around the world and also was named in 2010 as Australia’s #1 Personal Trainer by Good Health Magazine. 

When Mireille was CEO of her own company Health Guru Industries, she learnt first hand the importance of communicating through content and social media to reach her ideal audience. All the skills Mireille has learnt in the digital marketing space is as a result of studying social media industry daily over the last 10 years and using what she learnt in her own companies. Brands hire Mireille to help them discover their own brand voice and implement the principles of content marketing and social media strategy to drive traffic into their businesses and accelerate profits. Mireille consults with brands to keep them abreast of trends in the digital space.

Mireille has over 75 000 social media followers. 


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