Welcome to the Social Media Marketing Institute's Resources section.  We are often asked about what tools we use in running the Social Media Marketing Institute so this list is a curation of these tools.  We have tested these tools and love them.  You can be assured that even though we are asked to promote many tools, this list only shares the ones we actually use.  


Tools for Email Marketing 


Lead Pages 

Create Powerful landing pages for any business or industry

  • Mobile Friendly Templates
  • Drag and Drop Customisation 
  • A/B Testing and Analytics 
  • Lead Capture Pop-Ups 
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • No coding skills required - yay! 



Note: Please be aware that some of these tools do have an affiliate link.  This does not increase the cost of the tool - It is the same price offered elsewhere.  The commission we do make, goes to help run the Social Media Marketing Institute and provide more resources to help you achieve more from your social media marketing.  If you have any questions,  please email