Rochelle Sheldon

Rochelle Sheldon - New Zealand Ambassador

Award-winning, pioneering and innovative influential marketer Rochelle Sheldon has distinguished herself as an industry exemplar and integral player within New Zealand’s flourishing social media marketing profession. Rochelle is known as a vocal advocate for influencers and has been a compelling voice for creating industry best practice. In her career, she has personally overseen influencers paid in excess of $4 million enabling them to develop credible, sustainable careers.
Rochelle deeply understands the power of connectivity and successful branding using digital technology. She continues to passionately light the way with her current focus on personal branding for global leaders and entrepreneurs with Socialites Black - Executive Personal Brand Coaching. Leading her team of hand-selected New Zealand branding experts, Rochelle creates personalised, in-depth tailored branding programmes to empower, elevate and equip these changemakers with a specialised digital strategy to accelerate their impact in the world. Among her clients are My Food Bag co-founders and CEOs Cecilia and James Robinson, Unfiltered co-founder and CEO, Jake Millar, international actor, Kimberley Crossman, and global inspirational speaker Jake Bailey.