Social Media Marketing Awards FAQ

When do the entries open?  

Entries open on January 15 2020 and close April 24 2020.  In order to allow sufficient time for our Jury to go through all the entries, late entries will not be accepted. 

How much does it cost to enter? 

SMMI Members: FREE* 

Non-SMMI Members: $149 for Early Bird entries between 15 Jan 2020 and 15 Feb 2020

$249 for Regular entries between 16 Feb 2020 and 24 April 2020

*Please note - Once you have entered one category and are a professional member of SMMI, you can enter as many award categories as you like at no additional charge.

What does a Social Media Marketing Institute Professional Membership include? 

Benefits of a SMMI Membership: 

  • Access to our professional network including forums and committees, events and professional development programs

  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group
  • Daily Social Media Marketing News Updates so you can stay on top of the latest in social media
  • Significant discounts on CPD and events

  • Free monthly Masterclass

  • Pro Nominals to add to your profile and business cards i.e. a professional member pro nominal would be "PSMMI" and you can include it on your business cards, social media, website and marketing materials.

  • Freedom to post the Institute member badge on your print and online materials

Can I pay the Early Bird Rate but not have to finalise my entry until the closing date of April 24 2020?

Absolutely. All you need to do to access the early bird rate is to make the payment. Then you have until April 24 2020 to finalise your entry our our awards portal. You can pay online or we can organise an invoice.

Can I send in my entry?  

Entries all need to be lodged via our awards online platform. As our Awards Jury come from around the world, we need for them to be able to access each entry online for the judging process.  For this reason,  physical entries will not be accepted.  

What if there is a part of my submission that myself or my client, does not want shared with the public? 

If there is confidential information included in your submission, please ensure that you mark the areas you do not wish to be shared by saying "Confidential" 

Who can enter the Social Media Marketing Awards? 

The Social Media Marketing Awards are open to individuals, agencies, brands, companies, non-for-profits and organisations that participate in social media marketing.  Entries must have been created and been live on social media in the 12 months from 25 April 2020 to 24 April 2020. Entries are currently only being accepted from Australia and New Zealand. 

Can I enter more than one category? 

Yes, you can.  Each award category has a different criteria and requires a separate entry.  

How long will it to prepare my entry? 

We are using the latest in awards software to manage the award entries and judging process.  The entry process is web based and is completed in a simple process.  You can save you entry as you go and come back to update it if you want to add more information.  

Can I make changes to my entry once it is submitted?  

Yes, you can make changes right up until are closing date.  Just log in and update your entry.  However, once the closing date for entries  of April 24th 2020 is reached, no further changes can be made. 

Who are the judges for the Social Media Marketing Awards? 

The awards are judged by an independent jury who are leaders in the different areas of the Social Media Marketing Industry.  These judges are independent from the Social Media Marketing Awards and are volunteers.  

What is the judging process? 

The entries in each category is reviewed by at least 3 appropriately qualified members of the awards jury and they will give a score according to published criteria.  The top 5 entries in each category will be declared finalists.  The finalist with the highest score will be declared the winner. If there is only one entry in a category, that entry will be an automatic finalist and will be named the winner at the Award Gala Dinner for that category. 

What happens if a judge has a question about my entry? 

When you complete your award entry, you will be asked to include a contact person and phone number who can answer any questions that the award jury may have regarding your entry.  

Do I have any recourse if I believe my entry was judged unfairly? 

No, the judges' decision is final. 

Can sponsors enter the awards?

Sponsors may enter a category that they do not sponsor.  The judging panel is entirely independent and will not be influenced by any sponsorship.  

How do ensure there are no conflicts of interest from the Awards Jury? 

We want to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest.  Once we have finalised entries, using our awards management software, we assign different categories to different jury members.    As part of the judging process, each jury member has to acknowledge on each entry that they judge, whether they have a conflict of interest.  If they do, they disqualify themselves by ticking the disqualify me option in the awards tool.  We will then select another Jury member to judge that entry.