Social Media Crisis Management Certification - Sydney

Price: $2,196.70 AUD
Date: 11th Apr 2019 - 12th Apr 2019
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: Sydney - The Tank Stream Hotel

It is not a matter if your organisation or brand will have a social media crisis, it is just a matter of when and how much it will cost your brand, especially if you are not ready. 

Crises can occur at any time in your business and can occur whether you have a social media presence or not.  With social media, these crises are swift, amplified and often hard to manage as everything occurs in real time. 

Would you be ready? 

Why Become Certified?  

All social media, marketing, communications and PR professionals need to become certified in order to show their clients or employers that they have the skills to protect their brands or organisations. 

By the end of this certification, you will be able to:

  • Establish an Early Warning System - Identify a potential crisis so you don't get blindsided by issues and changing market conditions
  • Get Control Quickly - Establish a process for identifying and responding to incidents quickly
  • Build Your Team - Establish your team and keep them focussed on what's important
  • Develop a Response Strategy - Tools to help assess risk and develop a strategy for your business to survive and thrvie 
  • Craft Effective Communications  - Develop key messages and use a variety of channels

This certification is a tool that all professionals will need in their professional tool belt. 

A large part of the certification is learning how to handle a crisis under the pressure of real time.  

Our Social Media Crisis Simulations take participants step by step through several social media crisis simulations that mimic real world pressure for realistic learning.  Participants will experience what it is like to be in the middle of a crisis without risking the integrity of your brand. 

By participating in a real time simulation, you will understand the right responses, optimise your speed of response and identify areas of weakness for improvement and additional training. 


Become Crisis Ready!


Who Should Become Certified? 

The Social Media Crisis Management certification has been developed for:

  • Marketing and Communication Managers
  • Corporate Affairs teams who deal with PR and/or outreach activities with an online community
  • Social Media Professionals 
  • Crisis Communication team members

Course Details

This is an intensive 2 day certification that combines lectures, group discussion and real time simulation exercises. 

We limit the number of participants to 12 to ensure maximum participation and enable one-on-one and small group coaching. 

The course content includes: 

  • Understanding the true impact of a social media crisis 
  • How to identify a potential incident using social listening tools
  • How to respond to an Incident
  • Investigation and Assessment 
  • Formulating a response strategy 
  • Developing and Implementing a Crisis Communication Plan 
  • Social Media Crisis Simulation Training

All of our trainings feature our unique online simulation exercises so you can practice using the tools we provide you in realistic conditions and get immediate feedback.

You become the incident management team for our fictitious company and have to work with your team to prevent an incident on social media escalating into a crisis! 


How Do I Become Certified? 

In order to become certified, there is a 3 step process: 

  • Book and pay to confirm your spot - limited places
  • Attend the 2 day face to face training 
  • Pass your Social Media Crisis Management Exam 


Claim for Certificate and Digital Badge

Upon successful completion of the Social Media Crisis Management Certification, you will be able to claim your Social Media Crisis Management certificate and digital badge. 

Your digital badge can be used on your website, in your social media and in your email signatures.  This is important to showcase to potential clients and employers that you have the skills necessary  


Your facilitators 

Steve Hather 

Steve Hather has over 25 years of experience in crisis management and has worked with some of the world's largest food and consumer goods companies through to small businesses.

He has trained hundreds of management teams to develop systems and build the capabilities of their people to manage complex incidents and product recalls.

Steve was the chief architect of The Coca-Cola Company's global Incident Management and Crisis Resolution (IMCR) program and since leaving Coke has helped many other businesses establish effective crisis prevention programs.



Mireille Ryan 

Mireille Ryan is the CEO and founder of the Social Media Marketing Institute. 

She has worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs, companies, industry groups and associations and government organisations. 

Mireille has spoken about social media crisis management at  Gov 3.0 - Investigating the Future of Social Media  - Government and Public Sector Forum in Canberra.