Why Enter?

The Social Media Marketing Awards offer entrants, finalists and winners a chance to stand out from the crowd and be recognised as a leader in the social media industry. In a crowded industry, an award can give you the edge.


Some of the benefits of winning an award are: 

  • National recognition as one of the best Social Media Marketers in the industry
  • Improve the visibility of your organisation so you can attract new clients
  • Attract new employees to your organisation and enable you to hire the best talent.
  • Improve company morale and build motivation in your team.
  • Opportunities for public speaking and media for you and your team
  • Your SMMA award logo can be used (subject to certain guidelines) on all your business’ adverts, websites, social media and marketing materials.
  • Being presented a trophy that you can display at your office as a reminder of your achievement

 To learn more, please go to www.socialmediamarketingawards.com